The Pump

Fitness Lifestyle Gym

To know more about us.

The Pump is a one of a kind fitness lifestyle gym located in one of the prime facilities of Gyan Mandala in Kathmandu Nepal. It is one of the first facilities in Nepal to focus completely on functional fitness. Walk into the gym and it’s immediately apparent that conventional fitness has been thrown out the window. Dumbbells, barbells and pulleys have been replaced with kettle bells, battle ropes and massive tyres.

At its core, the Pump is a functional fitness but it can be personalized in accordance. You can do crossfit, train to get big or lose fat, either way it can be personalized as per the requirement of the gym enthusiasts. You will workout your body muscles in a wayt you never train at the gym which gives you a perspective about the possible potential to how much you can push your body.

On demand workspace, when you need it.