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Nepal is unlike any other country. It’s a natural mandala sitting in the midst of the Himalayan mountain range. Comfortably nestled between china and Indian, and home to the highest place on earth (mount Everest) Nepal has attracted spiritual seekers for centuries. The rich cultures of Buddhism and Hinduism’s are still the centerpiece of daily life. It’s not hard to see, feel, and touch a living tradition of yoga in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley, is an environment with a rich spiritual legacy and landscapes coloured with representations of awakening, and enlightenment.

It is said that when you practice in places that have been charged with the energy of prayer and meditation there is opportunity to awaken more swiftly! Retreating in sacred spaces has always been supportive to the inward investigation of life. This retreat will take place near the sacred cave of Padmasanbhava. A Buddhist saint who blessed the valleys of Nepal. You will have the opportunity to practice yoga and meditation within the setting of a traditional Buddhist community. It’s a rare privilege and opportunity to feel such group energy.

Students from around the world come to Nepal to explore, expand, and experience the living essence of yoga. Pranamaya is here to support your path. This retreat is an opportunity to transform. In a stunning Tibetan monastery nestled in the foothills of the Kathmandu valley, you will discover Yoga. Investigate philosophy and psychology and explore Yoga’s practical tools to establish balance, contentment, and inner understanding.
Relish in energizing morning and afternoon yoga classes. Revive with delicious healthy food and relax into the peaceful environment. In the evening give your mind space. Learn the basics of mediation with our experienced teachers.
Take this time to become aware of your thoughts and how you can affect your thought patterns. Become more aware of your body and how its movements affect your mind. Gently work with your mind and body to overcome your limitations, to experience your true nature and to feel completely present and alive.

The idea of retreat is to step back from contemporary life and look into nature, the nature of the physical world, and the nature of mind. Retreat provides inner and outer space to unfold. It is an opportunity to look inward, and ultimately expose reality in its most raw form.
Whether you are a beginner or practice yoga regularly, come and enjoy the powerful energy, peace and surroundings of this unique opportunity to retreat in Nepal. You will take away a new practice and a lifelong treasure.