Gyanmandala Yoga Studio

Yoga and Hiking
Do you want to organize a Yoga pilgrimage, or Hiking and Yoga program in Nepal?

We can be your support team in Kathmandu and in the Mountains. Our team is ready to help facilitate an experiential program in Nepal. We can offer you a beautiful Yoga studio to ” land” in the Himalayas and begin your journey.

If you need the support of knowledgeable teachers we also have your back. Many of our teachers have devoted their life to the practice of yoga, and many have a unique connection to the sacred manual we call Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is a city with infinite treasures in hidden corners and spiritual depth that is hard to describe in words. One really has to experience some of the special site in Nepal in order to get the full transmission of the landscape.

Special Landscapes with deep Spiritual lineage in Nepal include Boudanath, Swayambhunath, Pashupathi, Nagarkot, Namo Buddha, DakshinKkli, Pharping, and many more.

Our team is here to guide you and your group on a pilgrimage of a lifetime.
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