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Let’s Sound Bath with Ramesh @ Gyanmandala yoga Patan
Jun 29 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Himalayan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for its incredible healing effects on mind, body, and soul. It works primarily by helping restore vibratory frequencies of the body through changes in hormones and cellular patterns that are out-of-harmony and diseased. The sounds and vibratory frequencies emitted by the singing bowls have commonly been used to heal or complement treatments for any kind of trauma, pain, depression and stress disorders. In fact, cancer treatment facilities such as Cornell Cancer Preventive Center in New York, US, attests its positive role in treatment of cancer by affecting changes in every level of physiological functioning, and hence harmonizing the cells and balancing the body’s energy system.
If we accept that sound is vibration and that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears, but through every cell in our bodies. Sound is energy and it physically, emotionally and spiritually impacts us whether we are aware of it or not. For example, many of us can agree that music permeates the whole being. It can slow down or accelerate the circulation, it can stimulate or calm the nervous system, it also has the potential to provoke passion or instill peace.
Similarly, Singing Bowls carry a magic vibration that can guide one into a meditative state, allowing the healing sounds to re-connect with the primordial OHM energy. Himalayan Singing Bowls, interchangeably used with the Tibetan Singing Bowls have long been used as an aid to meditation and healing.
Among the many benefits, the powerful sounds and vibrations created by the bowls resonate through the entire body to:
1. Release emotional blockages held within body
2. Relax and ease muscle tensions
3. Manage and treat bodily traumas
4. Help reduce stress and relieve pain
5. Improve sleep quality
6. Rebalance the self
7. Bring deeper sense of peace and tranquility
Having had the privilege of deepening my yogic and spiritual practices while living amidst the Gurus in Nepal and India, and also being born and raised in a family where yoga and spirituality shaped my life, I recognize the care required in using it for healing practices. So I have learned and practiced its use for four years before using it as a part of sound therapy in healing for over five years now. I am also an international yoga teacher Certified by World Yoga Alliance on a 200-hour course, well-versed on various yoga styles, including Hatha and Vinyasa flows. I have been teaching for about a decade in Asia and Europe including Nepal, Belgium, Spain, China, Ukraine. My background in Sanskrit mythology, Buddhism, and Tantra also lends to my teaching philosophy that incorporates ancient wisdom and meditation into contemporary approaches to yogic practices.

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A workshop is an opportunity to explore your practice in a deeper way. We offer programs that allow you to experience the art and science of yoga in a more refined way.

A workshop is usually 2-3 hours. The topics are vast since the science of yoga is vast. We do our best to offer monthly workshops that offer our students insightful and enriching opportunities to learn more.

We offer a variety of workshops as well a regular Advancing asana workshop and Yogic sight seeing.

Below is a short description of these signature programs offered by the Pranamaya team.

Advanced Asana

Once a month we offer a yogi workshop to help you refine and advance your asana practice. In a supportive community you can progress and deepen yo
ur understanding of the more advanced physical postures (asanas) Its also a great way to build up strength confidence and stability gradually each month.

Yogic sight seeing

This Yogi Day is an introduction to the rich culture of Nepal. It is an opportunity to practice yoga and meditation in some of the most sacred places in the country. The day begins with an early morning class. Followed by a mediation and contemplation on the significance of the power place we will visit. The sacred spaces, monuments and temples we visit are all representations of the sacredness of life. Most of these places are representations and symbols on the path to enlightenment. These power places are sources of inspiration and support as one moves along the path of awakening. Just as the human body is regarded as a sacred space to open and explore in yoga practice, so to are the ancient sacred sites that have been blessed by mystics, and spiritual seekers. Nepal has a rich legacy of spiritualty and wonder. We invite you to explore your own inner nature through yoga and be inspired by the outer expressions of enlightenment.

Spirituality is the centrepiece of life in Nepal. The country is home to some of the most sacred Buddhist and Hindu sites in the world; Swayambhu, Pashupatinath, and Bounath just to name a few. Life is renewed, revitalized and reborn every day in these power places. We invite you to touch this beauty.

In Yoga we look towards the human body as a sacred manifestation of the elements. Like the human body that is charged with divine qualities, certain spaces within the external landscapes have been worshiped for centuries, praised and regarded as borders between the ordinary and the divine. Connecting to your inner sacred landscape is the path of yoga.

Our Yogic sight seeing days are about touching this essence and connecting to the inherit power places in the Kathamndu valley. It’s an opportunity for spiritual revitalisation. It’s an invitation to connect with the sacred and integrate your understating of Yoga.

Nepal is a country that has been a hub for spiritual seekers for centuries, a place that has been called the “abode of the gods” with a landscape that projects into the sky connecting the earthly affairs of daily life with the divine celestial abodes. The Himalayas surround the city of Kathmandu and project an aura of divinity and power. This dramatic landscape encompasses a feeling of depth, serenity and power.

If you have practiced yoga and felt an inner calling, a wish to understand and discover more this may be a great opportunity for you. Yoga is an experience of the interconnected nature of life.

The richness of an environment has the powerful potential to reveal the union of life and practice. A very profound version of Yoga! come and witness the unfolding for yourself