Gyanmandala Yoga Studio

Our Philosophy

Our intention at Gyanmandala is to create a sanctuary in the city of Kathmandu for the practice of yoga. We invite you to join our classes and retreats and explore yourself, because that is what yoga was created for. Yoga is a tool to clean, strengthen and invigorate your heart, body, and mind. It is a system, philosophy, psychology, body practice, and a quest, and everyone is invited. Our classes, workshops, yogi days, and retreats are opportunities to explore your inner geography and eventually open your heart to its natural state of compassion, and awareness. Our mission is to support conscious living on and off the yoga mat.

Our studios offer several kinds of yoga. Whether you are looking for stress reduction, strength and flexibility, or a more calm and balanced mind, we understand that different students have different needs. We do our best to offer multiple styles and classes with a diverse group of teachers. Our wish is to support self-understanding benefiting individuals and communities as a whole.

Our teachers offer a wealth of insight and knowledge. They have devoted their lives and careers to sharing the profound path of yoga. We aim to support inner peace through inner understanding and transformational practice. Our intention at Gyanmandala is that the benefits of yoga will seep into all aspects of life, bringing peace and well being not only to individuals but communities as a whole.

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