At Gyan Mandala, we all come together because we have one thing in common; our love for learning. We believe that as long as there is love and inspiration, you can always be more expressive of yourself.

So, come join us for a wonderful time! Start your day by exploring yourself with yoga and fitness, or maybe a cup of coffee to boost your positivity. Or maybe you are lost in your vivid imagination and words are not just enough to express them. Don’t worry, we have art and music classes to help you with that.

Spend one day at Gyan Mandala and you will see for yourself the learning experience over here. Trust us because we ourselves can’t imagine a day without coffee, music or fitness. Like music, it is important to harmonize the rhythm of the body with the melody of the mind to create a harmony for the soul, ultimately to create the symphony of life.

Learning with peace is always our priority, while keeping negativity at the minimum.

About the founder

Meet Nirakar Yakthumba. You probably know him as the bass player of the Nepal’s first International rock band 1974 AD.

He has been heavily involved in improving the country’s cultural scene ever since and has won many awards such as Hits FM and Kantipur FM awards. Also, the co-founder of KJC, he has toured different parts of the world as an artist and mastered in many musical genres.

Being a great musician, the art of creating music itself reflects to the creator’s lifestyle and for Mr Yakthumba beyond that came a passion for entrepreneurship. He is a partner at Moksh, Pranamya Yoga and the Gyanodaya Education Foundation. Being a versatile musician and entrepreneur, Mr Yakthumba certainly has and always will influence us even more to do more.

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